Canoe & Kayaking

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La Crosse River

Enjoy the scenic La Crosse River and take in the natural beauty including an abundance of wildlife!

Canoe Trips:

(Sparta) Fisherman’s Park to (Sparta) Amundson Park: 2 hours

(Sparta) Fisherman’s Park to Rockland Boat Landing: 5 hours

(Sparta) Amundson Park to Rockland Boat Landing: 3 hours

Rockland Boat Landing to Bangor Boat Landing: 4 hours

(Sparta) Amundson Park to Bangor: 7 hours

Rent your canoes or kayaks with Ellistone Canoe Rental!

Ellistone Canoe & Kayak Rental
N5370 County Road J
Bangor, WI 54614
(608) 343-5696
(608) 487-5114

Kickapoo River

Take in the beauty of the Kickapoo!

Get your canoe, kayak or tube rentals with Titanic Canoe Rental.

Top quality canoes, equipment and shuttles are included in their price.

Titanic Canoe Rental
300 State Highway 131
Ontario, WI 54651
(608) 337-4551

Ellistone Canoe Rental

Titanic Canoe Rental

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